Weblogs S.L. (Weblogs)

Weblogs SL is a specialized online media content leading Company in Spain. It was founded round 2004 in a post at Julio Alonso’s personal blog. The enterprise was formerly founded in January 2005.

The business mainline in Weblogs SL is the creation of specialized publications distributed by topics. On November of 2004 published their first blog: xataka. It was the first specialized blog and the first blog with a commercial orientation. Since then, it has launched more than 40 thematic blogs in Spain, Brazil and México, elaborated on a daily basis by a team formed by more than 250 experts, completely passionate in their topics: technology, fashion and lifestyle, motor and sports, financial, leisure and entertainment.

Its publications are monthly visited by an average over 16 millions single users (data extracted from MyMetrix from comscore globally)

During this time it has become a valuable advertise by important advertisers, that find it as a effective media to reach a wide range customers, quite segmented and with expertise in the field that consists the blog, with strong influence online and offline.

Weblogs SL Works directly with the most relevant online media agencies in spain and dispatch monthly more than 400 millions of advertisement impacts.

To be more concise, for the project will be used the Trendencias.es blog, a blog dedicated to the fashion world, and obviously, in trending, paying attention at the novelties in dress, shoes, cosmetics and perfumes, both men and women.