The technology objective of Somatch is the development of a tool for the generation and visualisation of knowledge from the huge, unstructured data related to textile and clothing (T&C), present in all suitable internet content, starting from the yet unexplored image analysis. The proposal is focused in providing the T&C designers with detailed and reliable trends estimations and forecast of user acceptance to support SMEs with the information needed to focus their design proposal and to improve their rate of compliance with arising tendencies and incoming fashion trends.

SOMATCH faces its complex and challenging deal by the combined development and application of SoA advanced image analysis technology, unexploited and innovative in clothing and fashion, combined with social network analysis. Its results will be presented to interested end users by dedicated interfaces and instruments: mobile devices as well as ad hoc visualization tools will be explored for this purpose.


The visualisation of the generated data will be performed from off-line statistics, generated after data processing, and by new real-time instruments for image collection and evaluation of designs. They will be targeted also by the integration of the systems with new SoA mobile devices to collect information and to visualise trend interpretation. This approach will open a vast field of new approaches for the fashion designers, supporting final users involvement into the whole trend evaluation and a close interaction with them.