Sparsity Technologies S.L. (Sparsity)

Sparsity Technologies S.L. is a spin-off from UPC and commercializes the graph database Sparksee. Sparsity inherits the expertise, technology and knowledge of the 14-year trajectory of DAMA-UPC. Sparsity specializes in high performance management for large data sets, with particular experience in data cleansing and integration, and the management of large networks of data. The experience of Sparsity goes from the analysis of fraud in large scale registrar’s transactions repositories, to the exploration of large bibliographic scientific sources. Sparsity does research, and high end technology development.

The main skills of Sparsity are in the technology and application deployment areas. The employees of the company work building technology for the graph management system, Sparksee, and the tools necessary to improve the connectivity and the ease of use of Sparkseeby its customers.